ICON does more than manage construction projects. ICON has developed a team to discuss options and program requirements, to identify property, budgets, funding options, and to develop an overall strategy for how to execute a building program. Our team includes some of the best architectural and engineering firms. And our collaborative approach ensures excellent design, prudent budgets and timely delivery.


  • ICON excels at challenging projects, whether faced with a tight budget, a difficult site, a compressed schedule, or a unique program & design. We succeed because our approach works.
  • We engage the owner, design professionals and our management team to work as a single group, partnered to communicate and collaborate.
  • Valid budgets and accurate, detailed conceptual estimates are prepared from the earliest concepts and updated regularly as the planning progresses.
  • Our schedule management is unparalleled with detailed breakdowns of every step from first sketches to final clean-up.
  • Our project accounting is accurate, open, well documented and always competitive. Project cost information is published online allowing access to up to the minute status of the work.
  • Our commitment to quality is unwavering, both in the craftsmanship we demand at the site and in the conduct of our services, every day, on every project.


  • Provides a “turn key” approach to project development.
  • Owner chooses his design/construction team through a Best Value solicitation process.
  • Owner is shielded from cross claims between contractor and design team.
  • Owner is shielded from the cross claims of multiple prime contractors.
  • D/B Firm accepts risk for total project cost by issuing a GMP for design and construction of the project.
  • Subcontractors are prequalified, resulting in a higher quality workforce.
  • Owner requires less staff involvement than the traditional multiple prime approach.