CMSD - Waverly K-8

Waverly K-8 is a new, 53,000sf, Elementary/Middle School to house 350 students.

  • Owner: Cleveland Metropolitan School District
  • Co-Owner: Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
  • Owners Agent: OHG (Ozanne, Hammond, & Glibane)
  • Architect: TDA Architecture, part of the Cleveland Architectural Design Alliance (CEDA)
  • CM at Risk: ICON, LLC.
  • Location: Cleveland, Ohio
  • Size: 53,000sf K-8 building
  • Anticipated Bid Date:
  • Construction:

ICON, LLC will be prequalifying subcontractors with criteria that has been pre-approved by the OFCC and the CMSD in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the State of Ohio for CMaR contracting. More information and documents related to this project delivery format can be found at Although ICON, LLC will share information on bids received with the Co-Owners, this is not a public bid opening. More information on bid delivery will be issued with the bid packages to pre-qualified subcontractors. Questions on the process should be sent to

Contractors wishing to be considered for pre-qualification must do so by providing information on the web-tool at the link below. Information will be treated as confidential, and only shared with the members of ICON, CMSD, OFCC, and OHGR involved with the pre-qualification process.

ICON will be receiving bids from prequalified subcontractors on the bid packages listed below. It is also ICON’s intent to allow for the bidding of Combination Bids. We believe that this practice will allow for additional competition in the market, sustain the viability of local general contractors, allow the inclusion of smaller subcontractors who might otherwise be ineligible, and provide the best opportunities for the success of CMSD’s Community Inclusion and Graduate Workforce programs. Scope indicated below are for general information, only. Detailed scopes of work will be issued with each bid package.

3A - Cast in Place Concrete

• Excavation for foundations w/ backfill
• Cast in Place Concrete - building foundations, piers, etc.
• Cast in Place Concrete - slab on grade
• Stone base & vapor barrier at SOG
• Insulation at slab/foundation
• Cast in Place Concrete - slab on deck
• Cast in Place Concrete - curbs and walks
• Equipment pads
• Stair pan fill
• Cast in Place Concrete - heavy duty concrete paving
• Draintile
• Joint sealants associated with above

4A – Masonry

• Masonry foundations
• Concrete masonry units
• Brick Veneer
• Site walls & monument sign
• Masonry reinforcing and grouting
• Masonry accessories, flashings, moisture barriers
• Receive, set, prime, & grout HM frames in masonry walls
• Receive & set loose lintels, bearing plates, imbeds
• Insulation at masonry walls
• Joint sealants associated with above
• Damproofing of subgrade masonry and concrete walls
• Mock-ups & sample panels

5A – Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection

• Structural steel
• Base plates and anchor bolts
• Open web steel joists
• Floor and roof deck
• Miscellaneous metals
• Stairs and railings
• Roof frames
• Roof drain pans
• Deck edge
• Safety cables & toe protection

6A – Carpentry and Specialties

• Interior Rough Carpentry, Backing & Sheathing
• Exterior rough carpentry, roof blocking
• Hollow Metal door & borrow light frames in stud walls
• Door hardware
• Hollow metal doors
• Wood doors
• Overhead coiling doors
• Counter shutters
• Fire doors and shutters
• Wall and corner guards
• Finish carpentry and trim
• Visual display boards
• Signage and directories
• Toilet partitions and screens
• Toilet accessories
• Cubicle curtains and track
• Student lockers
• Staff lockers
• Locker benches
• Metal storage shelving
• Display cases
• Residential appliances
• Fire extinguishers & cabinets
• Educational Equipment
• Projection screens
• Roller Window Shades
• Gymnasium Equipment
• Gymnasium Dividers
• Hydraulic Elevators

7A – Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) Roofing

• Low-sloped roofing system
• Protection board
• Roof insulation
• Flashing, counter-flashings & cant
• Metal copings
• Scuppers
• Roof hatches
• Joint sealants associated with above

7B – Composite Metal Panel System

• Prefinished metal siding
• Composite metal soffit paneling
• Joint sealants associated with above
• Prefinished aluminum louver

8A – Glass & Glazing

• Curtainwall systems
• Storefront
• Aluminum Entrances w/associated hardware
• FRP entry doors
• Automatic door openers
• Prefabricated glass skylights
• Spandrel panels
• Interior glazing
• Operable interior glass wall system
• Non-framed mirrors

9A – Interiors

• Light gauge metal framing - interior
• Gypsum board assemblies
• GFRG column covers
• Batt insulation and gypsum board at exterior walls
• Light gage metal framing – exterior walls & soffits
• Spray-applied air & vapor barrier
• Rigid and spray applied insulation at exterior walls
• Firestopping
• Acoustic & DW ceilings
• Access doors
• Resilient tile flooring
• Carpet
• Acoustic panels and treatments
• Painting
• Vinyl wallcovering & interior wall graphics

11A – Food Service Equipment

• Food service equipment
• Serving lines
• Dishwashers
• Hood w/ fire suppression
• Coolers & freezers

12A – Casework

• Educational casework
• Art-room casework
• Associated sinks, faucets
• Music room casework
• Instrument storage lockers
• Media Center casework
• Science lab casework
• Fume hoods

12B – Loose Furnishings-Bidding Later

• Educational furnishings
• Media center furnishings
• Office / administration furnishings
• Student dining furnishings

21A – Fire Suppression

• Automatic sprinkler system
• Fire pump / jockey pump
• Balance and testing
• Hook-up range hood system
• Stand pipes

22A – Plumbing

• Backflow preventers
• Hot/cold water service
• Pipe insulation
• Plumbing fixtures
• Mop sinks
• Shower units
• Grease traps
• Rough-in and connection of food service equipment
• Rough-in and connection to science equipment
• Emergency eyewash - facewash
• Sanitary waste & vent systems
• Roof drain/Storm water system
• Natural gas system
• Gas service piping and meter
• System Testing

23A – HVAC & Integrated Automation

• Temporary heating requirements
• Heating Equipment & Distribution
• Cooling Equipment & Distribution
• Air Handling Equipment & Distribution
• Exhaust system
• HVAC systems insulation
• Associated fire dampers, fire safing
• Heat recovery
• Temperature Control System
• Integrated building automation system

26A – Electrical

• Temporary electric requirements
• Electric site utilities
• Service & switchboards
• Grounding
• Branch panels, circuits and wiring
• Emergency power requirements
• Technology system provisions (conduit stubs, cable tray, etc.)
• Technology site pathways
• Lighting
• Rough-in for security system
• Site Lighting
• Fire Alarm System

28A – Security, Sound & Technology Systems

• Communications & Telecom
• Clock system
• Paging/Central Sound
• Music room sound
• Gym & Stage sound system
• Student dining audio/video system
• Classroom audio/video system
• Electronic Safety & Security

31A – Sitework Contractor

• Video of existing conditions, box culvert
• Establish site access, staging areas
• Earthwork, cut and fill to design subgrades
• Dust control during earthwork
• Backfill with engineered fill materials as indicated
• Erosion control measures
• Initial detention pond construction and conversion at completion
• Sanitary, storm sewer installation
• Domestic and fire water services

32A – Final Site Development

• Staging area removal
• Stone pavement base
• Asphalt Paving
• Striping
• Finish grading for all subgrades
• Topsoil spreading
• Detention pond conversion
• Playground surface
• Playground Equipment
• Landscaping
• Flagpole
• Site furnishings
• Site signage
• Fencing Install

Combination Bids

It is also ICON’s intent to allow for the bidding of Combination Bids. We believe that this practice will allow for additional competition in the market, sustain the viability of local general contractors, allow the inclusion of smaller subcontractors who might otherwise be ineligible, and provide the best opportunities for the success of CMSD’s Community Inclusion and Graduate Workforce programs. Prequalified subcontractors will be provided the opportunity to provide bids on any combination of the identified bid packages to be evaluated against individual bids received and other combination bids offered. Special scrutiny will be given in these cases to the quality and viability of second and third tier subcontractors in evaluating these bids prior to making recommendation for award.